Truth is….you NEED My control!

TulipNOIR – I am Rigorous Domme Sandra. Enticing, splendid, strenuous and stringent. The splendid forms that lead down from my round thighs, to long veiny gams and my pretty arched soles could be a version of heaven.The `WHERE YOU BELONG TO` heaven…

Hello there!If you have fun the games by my rules and give me finish fulfillment I will treat you to an experience that is sexier than hell.

TanyaMistress – I know you can feel it deep inside you. The pull, the need to control over you. Is time to give into your cravings, your longs for, your expects. I am a very Voluptuous Superior Girl to get very effortless into a Sadomasochistic one! I am highly accomplished! I love to have the manage!

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