You Will Be Predominated, ‘Forced To Submit’ and Pimed-Out!You will be handled like the ‘naughty slut’! I’LL OWN YOUR MANSTICK, YOUR JAWS and YOUR VULVA!

ExtremCastrate – If your fortunate enough to become one of my phone-sluts, I can promise you three things: (1) I will wrap you around my ‘lusty’ tiny finger (2) I will free you of your boring vanillia existence (3) You will be handled like the ‘naughty little slut’ you yearn to be treated like! I’LL OWN YOUR SHAFT, YOUR HATCH and YOUR TWAT and their mine to do with as I fantasy! I know you dream of stiffy… It’s your secret obsession! That’s why I’m going to love pimping you out to ‘Shemale after Shemale’ !

MissFunkyX – Idolize,Obey,Adore and PAY…… Miss Brilliant going to take everything of u…… Look of an angel,natural body of Top Model …….but ……… . Make me happy , spoil ur Princess …… Open wallet and leave behind word NO……..

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