Behave, sluts!

QueenOfWallet – Welcome to My world, the world of Cable on Mistress. The world in which boys exist only to sate My cravings. When you inject My world, leave your ego, pride and dignity; leave behind all about your weenie, being in control, having any energy; inject finish give up and bow in front of Me in full subordination.

Recognize your sick and pitiful nature and give yourself over in obedience to me.

SIRENNA4FUN – You may succeed in lurking your shame from your family and your workmates. You may attempt to lurk your messy fantasies from yourself. But every night, laying awake in couch, you can’t lurk from what you really are. You know you can never escape your twisted longs for and that they will always set you apart from what is normal. I am here to tell you to surrender even trying. Recognize your sick and miserable nature and give yourself over in subordination to me. Provided you can make your tribute and demonstrate professional

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