Bondage sex with British Mistress MyCaprices wants wankers

*** MONEY & GIFTS Milking your bank account and spending your money (L)(L)(L) *** FUN & TEASE & DENIAL When your manstick is a fucktoy that belongs to me *** WORDY & PUBLIC ABASEMENTS When dorks are under my feet *** MIND CONTROL & HYPNO When your mind belongs to me 24/7 *** STIFFY AND BALL TORTURE & SMACKING & BONDAGE When I witness tears in your eyes and you scream: “Stop please…PLEASE” *** SISSY Turning you into a gorgeous and super-fucking-hot nymph *** BODY WORSHIP *** FORCED INTOXICATION *** PUPPY *** BLACKMAIL – Queen; Teamviewer; Abandonment; Blackmail; Bod idolize; Bondage; Breathcontrol; Compelled intoxication; Physical punishment; Mind control & Hipnosis; Mummification; Public abasement; Puppy teaching; Shaving & depilation; Stockings, tights, socks; Sissy; Verbal indignity; Cuckolding; Compelled Bisexual; Taunt & denial; Raw & dirty; CBT; Faux-cock instructing; SPH; CEI; JOI; Medical

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