stunning, elusive, and deadly nymph domination Cat-Cataleya longs for to take advantage of your soul,wallet and mind! jump in!

MissCataleya – Will I abase you, degrade you for My sheer pleasure? Or intensity you into a pretty sundress and have you twirl in circles around Me for My amusement?I could walk out the door right now and end your desire, or it could just be kicking off. TOTAL OVERLOOK BY feeding my wallet!with YOUR MONEY! Constantly, I will humiliat slave verbally while he tributes ME. What we have here,is basically A very advanced artificial intelligence programmed for one thing only-to make you sense so pitiful dork and MINE!

Time to spoil ur Domina with gifts!Calling all the gimps, beotches, sissies, cbt fun and pervs! Prepare to conform, satiate, spoil and conform ur BDSM Mistress!

MissChelle – I am outgoing, extreemly independent, outspoken, authoritative, uber-sexy, ostentatious, vain, at times arrogant and have an ego built for 2. I am fair,or a bitch if you can not take honesty well. I can be sarcastic,and truly funny occasionally. I hope Respect. Recall your Manners.

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